Rest Easy. We’ve Got This.

Safety is a non-negotiable at PREMIER Transportation. We understand there’s a lot riding on us – most importantly the safety of your family, friends, students, team, or colleagues as they travel, and you can rest easy that we provide the highest level of protection possible.

Following are just a few of the many ways we ensure you and your group is safe, providing administrators, teachers, leaders, and parents peace of mind:

Trip Tracker

Want to know where your children, students, or family members are at this very moment on their trip? Trip Tracker allows you to see on a GPS map the exact location of your PREMIER bus.

This feature allows administrators to forward a secure link to the group leader, so they can monitor the trip online.  This is not only a great way to track the progress of your family member’s adventure, but it is especially valuable to help figure out when the group will arrive back at its originating destination. That way, if the bus is going to be early or late, you can plan accordingly. Trip Tracker is exclusive to PREMIER Transportation in the East Tennessee Region, and is one simple way we can help you rest easy.

Electronic Driver Logs

Driver fatigue is the #1 cause of accidents in the industry. Electronic logs force a charter motorcoach company to uphold a much higher standard when it comes to abiding by the Federal HOS (Hours of Service) laws. Even in this digital age, companies are still allowed to operate using paper logs.  We at PREMIER feel this increases the risk for passengers. Paper logs allow for a much lower level of accountability, exposing passengers to a greater danger from driver fatigue.  PREMIER is the only charter company in the region that is 100% E-Log compliant. Our drivers are safe drivers because we as a company hold ourselves to a much higher (electronic) safety standard.

Seatbelt Equipped

We all know seatbelts save lives. PREMIER is proud of the fact that our fleet is 100% seatbelt equipped. Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not yet require seatbelts on commercial coaches, we take the initiative to install them on all of our equipment for the safety of our passengers.

Full-Time Safety Director

At PREMIER Transportation, we employ a full-time Safety Director whose sole responsibility is to make our company the safest in the industry. We take this position seriously, and it is never filled as an afterthought by someone whose primary focus isn’t first and foremost – safety.  Our Safety Director lives, eats, and breathes safety and it shows in everything we do.

Fire Suppression

PREMIER is always looking for cutting-edge technology, particularly as it pertains to passenger safety. Case in point, fire suppression systems began to be offered as an upgrade in 2013. From this point forward, we began ordering them on all of our new motorcoaches.

SmartWave Tire Pressure Monitoring

SmartWave is an advanced tire pressure monitoring system that constantly measures the tire pressure and temperature of each tire in order to provide real-time, on-demand tire status information in order to warn the driver of a tire related problem before it becomes dangerous.

GPS Insight Monitoring System

PREMIER uses this advanced technology to create a proactive safety environment. We constantly monitor the bus in real time so that the full strength of our company and our people can be present every single mile of every single trip. This all-in approach allows us to work with the drivers to modify and/or correct any situations that may lead to an unsafe, or unenjoyable environment. Our drivers are highly trained professionals who demand excellence in all they do. This systems helps reinforce the fact that no PREMIER driver is alone in his duties. There is comfort in knowing that PREMIER promotes a team attitude that focuses on the strength of the group and not just the individual.

DOD Certification

PREMIER is Department of Defense Certified, which simply means that we provide safe transportation that consistently meets DOD standards of service. We offer transportation to DOD passengers, including military movement solicitations in times of emergency and recruit travel.

Driver Safety Measures

PREMIER motorcoach drivers are held to the highest safety standards. We have regular mandatory safety meetings covering issues such as safe driving practices, hours of service, reviewed and updated DOT rules and regulations, and passenger care and safety. A thorough screening process and background check is also utilized, including pre-employment drug testing and random testing performed throughout their employment.

*PREMIER Transportation is licensed and insured according to the strict standards set by the US Department of Transportation, and all the rules and regulations concerning hours of service, drug and alcohol abuse, and vehicle maintenance are closely followed.

* Click here to see our SafeStat information from the Department of Transportation.